Lethal Amounts is very proud to have worked with Evilive in producing the much anticipated limited edition “Ouija” style supernatural boards. Limited to only 222 of each DANZIG, SAMHAIN and MISFITS boards. Adding up to a total of 666 in existence. Each board is handmade so no two are identical. Each one is hand numbered and signed by Glenn Danzig himself as a form of authenticity. Made on real birch wood, not some crappy particle board or cardboard. Each Board is 12″x18″. The MISFITS & SAMHAIN Boards “Glow in the Dark” but the DANZIG Board is designed for the more serious/traditional practioner.

ONLY 222 lucky die hard fans in the world will be able to say they own a set. To keep it fair and interesting only a handful of boards will be sold at a time and a limit of 2 per costomer/household.

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