DISTURBING THE PEACE: Punk At Its Core. Featuring the works of Edward Colver, Leee Childers, Mad Marc Rude, Jesse Fischer


JUXTAPOZ Magazine and LETHAL AMOUNTS present:

“Disturbing The Peace – Punk at its core 1969-2002”,
An exhibit illustrating a visual timeline of the Punk aesthetic taking shape in America and England beginning in the late 1960s.
Through these images we can see the big bang theory of punk rock with Velvet Underground’s involvement with Andy Warhol, to the aggressive primitive sounds of the Stooges cross-pollinating with England’s Glitter Rock flamboyance and excess. The late 70’s introduction of Punk Rock rising from the implosion of 70’s Glam, to then later taking shape into the American Hardcore movement of the 1980’s and opening doors for the new generation of bands of the 1990’s.

Each artist featured in the show had a special role in documenting each era from the insider’s perspective as a member of the movement, not as a journalist.

Featuring the photography of
& original art by the great
MAD MARC RUDE (Courtesy of Kill Your Idols)

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