SKINHEAD ARCHIVE: The Mott Collection • Exhibition and Book Signing with Toby Mott

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Lethal Amounts presents
SKINHEAD ARCHIVE: The Mott Collection
Exhibition and book signing with Toby Mott

Saturday 13th February 7pm – 11pm

An exhibition dedicated to one of history’s most controversial, feared and misunderstood subcultures, SKINHEADS. Toby Mott’s Skinhead archives explores the many facets of the movement dating back to its roots in 1960’s Britain, when disenfranchised working class youth found refuge from their bleak environment through Ska and Reggae music. The emergence of punk and its intense raw disdain for the status quo in the late 1970s gave birth to a new generation of Skinheads. The exhibition is told through artifacts and ephemeral printed material of the late 70s into the early 80s where two styles were spawned, “Two Tone” and “Oi!”. The exhibit will be complimenting the launch of the 2nd edition of Toby Mott’s hardcover book similarly titled, Skinhead: An Archive.

Exhibition running from 13 February – 12 March 2016

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