There are so so many reasons to love Tish and Snooky. As some of punk’s original entrepreneurs, the sisters from the Bronx have created an empire under the name Manic Panic – the hair dye product that is wildly popular with celebrities, musicians and everyone else, for that matter. Before their hair empire, Manic Panic was the first punk store in the US, originally located in the now-dehumanized street of St. Mark’s, the once wondrous land of punk and sleaze. Not only did the sisters run Manic Panic, they were also backup singers for Blondie in the 70s before turning to their own band, the Sic F*cks.


The Sic F*cks are a glam punk band with butcher store props, racy song subjects (in true punk fashion ’cause fuck it!)  and, most of all, Tish and Snooky in Catholic nun outfits decorated with slashed tights and spiked jewelry. The Sic F*cks are literally one of the best original NYC punk bands having played at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB with the likes of The Dead Boys and The Dictators. Their self-titled mini-album came out in 1982, a true punk album of dingy camp lyrics, glam guitar riffs and the backing vocals of the Manic Panic duo. Their claim to fame outside of the NYC scene would be their cameo in the 1982 slasher flick Alone in the Dark in which the Sic F*cks parade on stage singing my personal favorite “Chop Up Your Mother” – a track suitable for such a movie. (The party scene in the clip begins about 5 minutes in.)

Being such a fan of both Manic Panic and the Sic F*cks, I was delighted to find that the January 1978 issue of Cheri magazine is a true treasure trove of punk porno. Tish and Snooky pose semi-nude with guitars, oversized razors, nooses and punk rock attire in this spread. There’s also an accompanying article written by Michelle Craven and Elda Stiletto about a Sic F*cks show at CBGB:

What, of course, would immediately catch your eye are our two delicious morsels in nun’s habits, black lace bras and CHERI-approved garter belts. Too much! The nun’s caps have giant white swastikas emblazoned across the veil. The darlings are wearing long black stockings and stiletto heels and they… um… smolder.


Tish is certainly a Sick Fuck – “They’re the zaniest, sexiest group on the current music scene.”


All clothes provided by Manic Panic (of course)… including the hip bloodstained COPS shirt. Also notice the Live at CBGB album from 1976 in the back!


Conch belts and tie up leather pants were so de rigueur.


Nooses, safety pins, thigh highs, two piece outfits… all still quite enviable today.

You can still catch the Sic F*cks on occassion at NYC punk concerts such as the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. And it’s always amazing, I swear.

Special thanks to Ron for the scans.