Lethal Amounts 006. XULTUR

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For this installation of the Lethal Amounts mix series, we have an onslaught of sound from LA based group Xultur! The mix, bursting with gabber, rave and hardcore tinged with acid, is a high energy exploration of Sarah Toon a/k/a BLK Rainbow and James Rupert Powell’s hard and industrialized tastes. Not for the faint of heart, Lethal Amounts 006 is upbeat and brutal – perfect for all you health goths at the gym.


Lil Texas – See the future
Amokk – Chaos Control
Kamixlo – Paleta
State of Madness – Slow as Fuck
Endymion – Pussy motherfucker
Powell – Sylvester Stallone
Kebacid – Bandy Party
Delta 9 – Real Hardcore
B.B. Bell – Party People
English Muffin – Blood of an English Muffin
Jemek Jemowit – (Das ist) Jemek der Hit
UHU – Power
Future – Shit!
Juggernaut – Don’t Fuck with a Ruffneck
Acen – Dirty Raver
Slu Dem – Start War
Rich Gates – Zaxbys
Nasenbluten – Sweet Rohypnol
Fatima Al Qadiri – How Can I Resist U
Stooki Sound & Mr Carmack – Uppers

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