SCHOOL DAYS: the nearly lost photos of Barry Kleven 76-78

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School Days is an exhibit honoring the hidden talents of a young man named Barry Kleven who passed away leaving behind a time capsule of 1970’s LA club scene. During the difficult times of his death, the Kleven family discovered a box of old photos and negatives that seemed somewhat meaningless at first. Discarded and ready for the trash, not much more thought was given to the box of old photos until Barry’s nephew Chris asked for them. To his nephew’s astonishment he had to rescue them from the trash. In the box were photographs his uncle had captured during his high school years, images of the original Runaways, Ramones first tours, Blondie’s first LA appearances, Cheap Trick performing to a handful of people, and many other recognizable bands performing small club shows.

Much like the romantic story of amateur social documentary photographer Vivian Maier, who’s powerful work was discovered only after her death. The photos not only could have gone unnoticed but could have been completely lost. Images of now Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees captured through the eyes of an enthusiastic teenager discovering first hand the new wave of music that was taking shape.