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Aaron Montaigne- So we are at z world famous Industrial / noise party Das Bunker and I am here with Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau who are about to have their Los Angeles debut of their new project ESSAI PAS in front of a million gothic kids wearing vampire contact lenses and very large soled boots.

Pierre Guerineau- Laughs

AM- So this is your debut performance in LA?

Marie Davidson- Yes absolutely

AM- Marie Davidson played a solo performance at Complex z other night that was killer and before we get into ESSAI PAS , your solo set was dark fucking techno, hella darker than I’ve seen you perform in z past.

MD- Thank you

AM- So lets get vanilla and talk about ESSAI PAS. So you are a married couple?

MD- Yes

AM- Tell me about why you started this project.

MD- We come from a very different background, we met when we were very involved in a DIY space in Montreal and were doing psychedelic blues based music, experimental jams and around 2012 we both really into EBM, Techno and Industrial so our project took a different path but the evolution was slow.

PG- We started integrating drum machines, sequencers, synthesizers. I mean we always used synthesizers but we started to sequence them. I was more of a guitar player before.

MD- And I am a violin player, but I don’t play it anymore.

PG- The DIY space we were running there was a big noise scene, experimental, rock and jazz and ambient.

AM- Cool, how long have you guys been together?

MD- Three years.

AM- Rad, so you started ESSAI PAS, and it is a very romantic project KB’s first impression of it was that it was romantic.

KB Kinski- Romantic and very sexy.

AM- So I am wondering how much of your personal romance and intimacy plays into z writing and execution of ESSAI PAS?

MD- I think the romance was in our music before our relationship.

PG- We started the project before we were in a relationship. Playing music together we realized there was more of a connection between us than our music.

AM- So it brought you together in a way.

MD- Yes

AM– Beautiful, like Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin with Slogan (z movie which is killer BZW)

AM- So for all my synth nerds out there, I’m not one of them but z equipment you use…

MD-  Its all hardware, ESSAI PAS does use a computer but along with synths

PG- Its a mix of both

AM- Do you guys like to party? Are you partiers?

MD- Montreal people party hard, I find that people party harder in Montreal than in the US

AM- That’s why I ask because every time I am in Montreal I cant keep up. And I party but I’m like “ these motherfuckers kill it”!

PG- There is a big after hours scene in Montreal, most parties in Montreal don’t even start till after 1:00

AM- So tonight you are playing an Industrial party, do you guys ever play raves?

MD- Definitely! You’ll hear our set tonight, its different than the album, its way more “ dance “ orientated. Very Techno influenced even though its not Techno.

PG- We have a few synth pop songs but we keep it hard.

AM-  For on z muthafukkin floor

MD- Very fast BPM, not too fast, were not Gabbers or anything (see my interview with Xultur about Gabber).

PG- Its made do be danced.

AM- Cool, when I first heard about ESSAI PAS, it seemed as though you guys we a “power couple” band, do you see yourselves like that?

MD- No, not at all. We are definitely not a “concept”band. We are very musically related, everything we do publicly is implying music and our art.

PG- Our lyrics are inspired by our personal life. Our life isn’t conceptual.

MD- Our next EP although is a bit more conceptual, its inspired by the novel A Scanner Darkly, it’s going to be a more Techno cinema scape and abstract. But our personal lives are not conceptual.

PG- We are not afraid of being emotional, some bands are afraid to sound emotional, to sound cheesy whatever. We don’t care about that.

AM- I love that, I am a Morrissey fan. (Lols).

KB- When I first heard your single “La Chute” I thought it was very romantic.

MD- Definitely. That song talks about when we had our first wedding anniversary we went to Niagara Falls and did acid.

PG- It was a crazy acid trip, very Fear and Loathing, I don’t know if you’ve been there.

AM- I have, and I had a crazy experience when we were crossing z bridge into Cananda a fucking HUGE falling star fell into z falls just as z sun was rising.

KB- There’s something very sexy and passionate about “La Chute”, it sounds like a soundtrack to a very artistic soft core porn.

MD- Yeah we definitely were trying to create the feel of an 80’s erotic movie.

PG- It was inspired by Yello. We are inspired by them and bands like Art of Noise.

AM- Didn’t Yello have that song in Ferris Buellers Day Off ( ooo, bump bump. chick, chicka chicka!!!!)?

PG- I don’t know.

AM- Oh whatever fuck it, lets make this quick. Who produces your music? Is it you guys?

PG- Yes just us.

AM- One last question because you guys have to go on very soon, and destroy this motherfucking Das Bunker party. I want to ask you what z most psychedelic experience  you’ve ever had.

MD- I guess DMT.

AM- I’ve never done DMT, I’m scared

MD- You should try it when your ready.

AM- I’ll try it, it just seems scary.

MD- Then your not ready. You should do it when you feel that its a good time, when you feel comfortable. When your mind is not clouded by anything.

AM- My mind is always clouded man.

MD- Then maybe you shouldn’t do it. I have done it twice, the first time was very scary but the second time was beautiful. Both times I learned a lot about my self in life.

PG- I think every psychedelic means something to me, DMT is the only drug I would encourage people to do because it makes you grow. The first time is like a revelation, it washes out all the bullshit and makes things clear. You see what matters in your life and what you need to change.

The last time I did it, it was a light trip but great. It made me realize that my life is not that bad and that I need to dance through life.

KB- Thats an interesting idea, “to dance through life”.

AM- Killer. One last question. So in America we are going through some BULLLLLSHIT right now with this weird Presidential race. If someone were to assassinate Donald Trump right now, would you be un happy?

PG- I don’t want him to be a martyr.

KB-  Like Jesus Christ rose as a martyr, and how people romanticize it?

PG- People should just say out loud how he is a liar.

KB- How about this, would you fuck Trump for him not to be elected President?

MD- I would be down to do it to save the world (laughs!!!)

AM- Pierre? would you fuck Trump for him to not be elected for our country, not even your country (laughs).

MD- It would have an impact on our country too!!

PG- I guess so. (Laughs)

AM- Merci.

Listen to more Essaie Pas on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

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