An Ode to Nina Hagen’s Unparalleled Fashion Sense


Nina Hagen has never had a boring fashion moment. In fact, her unparalleled fashion sense is just as overlooked as her musical impact on punk and early new wave movements. Hagen’s attitude was reflected in her style: it was off-kilter, crazy, and she really couldn’t give less of a fuck what people thought about her. Parts flirty and trashy, other parts dark and neurotic, her fashion proved that she was a strong and fearless femme fatale.

Celebrate with me as I go over some of my favorite Nina looks – all gloriously beautiful and inspiring – proving that she the reigning fashion goddess.


Here, Nina proves that clothing needn’t be outrageous when you have hot pink contouring and matching hair color.


The blue side pony with the serious bang game going on just might be my favorite Nina hairstyle… plus the tiny baby accessory? OK. Her signature deathbrows and cat eye makeup might be the main reason I love her look so fucking much.


Another hair winner: two toned and punk. Perfectly accessorized with a single feather, hoop earrings as big as her head and flowers.


Nina was not afraid of color, which in itself is an art that not many have mastered. Paired with shiny black shoes, fishnet and that serious eye makeup, she really can’t go wrong.


Black leather matches well with most things, especially crimped, teased and styled green/blue hair. And I can’t say enough about her eyeshadow and bronzed cheeks.


This could be a casting photo for The Hunger – so chic and elegant!


Goth Nina still incorporates blood red accessories and makeup while donning Patricia Morrison level witchtips.


Somehow this look is classic and natural – how does she do it?


And, finally, my favorite look: red tips and black eyebrows in contrast with her bleach blond hair (with roots). I bow to you, Nina.

Still not convinced? Her cover of Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” from 1980 might just make you a believer: