Lethal Amounts 008. DJ Arcanus | iVardensphere



The Lethal Amounts mix series is back, this time with Boston-based DJ Arcanus with industrial techno just in time for the weekend!

DJ Arcanus resides in Boston and has been playing in clubs, at shows, and at festivals for over 2 decades. He can found DJing monthly at The Attic and Resonance. He also guest DJs at many nights in New England as well as anywhere he may be traveling to. In addition to playing in clubs, DJ Arcanus runs a podcast called Xiled Radio, often playing music normally not played in clubs. You can find upcoming dates here and playlists here.

This mix is in conjunction with the band iVardensphere who has taken the industrial scene by storm since its inception in 2009, blending tribal, industrial, and rhythmic noise. Their latest tour, A Tour of Two Wolves, which is supported by Cyanotic and Iszoloscope, covers much of North America. The mix DJ Arcanus has produced features not only these 3 acts, but also some of the individual members of iVardensphere’s main projects, as well as the local support in some of the cities on the tour. For a full tour schedule, check out the Facebook event with all the dates and links to the individual events.




01. iVardensphere – Bonedance {Scatterface} (00:00:00)
02. Zy_Gote – Potential For Destruction [Dirty K Remix] {Potential For Destruction} (00:05:39)
03. Myparasites – Fragile Hearts {ParaLies} (00:09:35)
04. Cyanotic – Pressure {Worst Case Scenario Vol. 1+2} (00:13:35)
05. Iron Forest – Degenerate {Degenerate} (00:17:19)
06. Servitor Sanctum 7 – Dash Kaleena {Devrim} (00:20:06)
07. Iszoloscope – Phobos II {Coagulating Wreckage} (00:23:19)
08. Giant Monsters On The Horizon – The Illusion Of War {Topic} (00:28:44)
09. Cyanotic – Reflex Action {Worst Case Scenario Vol. 1+2} (00:31:14)
10. Venus In Aries – Burst {Burst} (00:37:27)
11. ESA – Be Still And I Shall Tell You Why {Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 3: Penance} (00:41:11)
12. Iszoloscope – Chronophage {False Vacuum} (00:47:41)
13. Fractured Transmission – Endpoint {To Know Is Uncertain} (00:52:35)
14. iVardensphere – The Woodsman And The Serpent {Fable} (00:56:51)