THE DEAD BOYS: More erotic than Iggy on Iggy


Sicker than the Stones, worse marauders than Morrison on meth, more erotic even than Iggy on Iggy, the Dead Boys are the undisputed princes of punk New York.

There are a few things to be thankful for in life and one of them would be the lost treasure of Cheri, the 70s punk smut magazine of our dreams. You might remember the Tish and Snooky (ahem) spread that I posted before… well, this February 1978 issue that’s been dug out from deep within the archives features Stiv Bators and Cheetah Chrome (which they misspell as Chrone) is juuuuust as epic, if not more. Shot in the men’s bathroom of CBGBs, photographer Eileen Polk captures the band’s vocalist and guitarist in the most raw and explicit of… (ahem) positions.

LADB4 copy

The article, written by Cherry Bomb, is almost as entertaining as the pictures:

Their songs are violently exploitative and sexist. They throw groupies and ‘Dead Girls’ and other admirers down onstage and debase them to their very souls. They LOVE it. “We like to turn women into mutilated cattle” is one of their cleaner utterances.

Of course you have no interest at all in the musical evolution of these heavy metal monsters. You want to see women humiliated and debauched and buddy, you’ve bought the rag that answers you sickest sexist kink. Now you have your very own punk rocker to love. Stiv Bators UNDERSTANDS YOU! He thinks women should be made to crawl on their bellies JUST LIKE YOU DO! Pussy power has about as much effect on his social politics as Bounty Paper Towels!!! And he gets laid CONSTANTLY. Women ply him with good dope and hot meals and craven compliments and cable TV. Fascists get fucked… it’s our slogan for the Seventies. Remember, you read it here first!!


I believe the pictures speak for themselves here.



They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Special thanks to Ron for the scans.