Lethal Amounts 010. DJ Virtigo


For our 10th mix in our series, DJ Virtigo has provided us with a mix of synth jams from the past and present. It is a great representation of our past ten DJs in that he blends electronic and post-punk with goth touches, making for an excellent – and unexpected – journey.

You can find Virtigo all over the Los Angeles area DJing at The Wreck Hall, Retrospect, The Gathering, Una Noche de Noches Profanas, and On A Sunday Afternoon.


1. In The Night by Human Puppets
2. Cosmódromo (Feat. Kriistal Ann) by Equinoxious
3. Thin Boys Murdered by Tamion 12inch
4. Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws by Qual
5. Verrosten by Tripode + Tercio
6. I Still Believe In A World by Vita Noctis
7. Nightshade by Dva Damas
8. Virtues and Vice by Xeno & Oaklander
9. Babylon by Boan
10. Kalt by Kaelan Mikla
11. Sorrow ( Daniel Myer Remix) by Absolute Body Control
12. What’s There Left (Version 2012) by Nine Circles
13. Loctaine (Youth Remix) by Peter Murphy
14. Song to the Siren by This Mortal Coil

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