Surrealistic Nightmares: The Art of Rozz Williams

Rozz Williams’ art is impressive to say the least. In fact, it’s highly sought after and incredibly rare. His collage work was much in the manner of Dalí, Man Ray and the surrealistic artists of the 1920s with his dream-like (or nightmarish?) compositions. Each mixed media piece is highly detailed and intricate, a small world that tells tragic stories about time, death and decay. Below are some examples of his artwork as artist, actor and director with the undeniable influence of surrealism.

14neueNeue Sachlichkeit
Mixed media collage
(The term “Neue Sachlichkeit” translates to “New Objectivity” – an art movement in the early 20s as a reaction against expressionism.)


Mixed media collage


Mixed media collage


9ocorpo“O Corpo Humano”
Mixed media collage on wood



Untitled, 1993
Mixed media collage
(The original can be found at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the Chapel Columbarium.)

The book The Art of  Rozz Williams: From Christian Death to Death, edited by Nico B. and published in 1999, is the best option to see more of Rozz’s artwork. It’s a collector’s item as it includes sketches, lyrics and photos as well. You can pick it up on Amazon and Ebay for a good chunk of change – but it’s worth it, without a doubt.


The book side-by-side to Rozz’s original collage.


Self Portrait with Eggs (Walking Away from the Dying World), 1996
Mixed media collage
(You can purchase it here.)

Nico B. not only put together The Art of Rozz Williams but also co-directed the 1999 short film, PIG with Rozz, which was his final artistic endeavor before his suicide on April 1, 1999. With the soundtrack composed by Premature Ejaculation (aka Rozz), PIG is a experimental horror film full of sadist and religious metaphors that spans 23 minutes in black and white. I am further reminded of the surrealistic movie Un Chien Andalou from 1929 by Luis Buñuel and Dalí which runs for 21 minutes and focuses on disjointed scenes that are sometimes horrific and nightmare-induced.


Lethal Amounts was lucky enough to procure some original self portrait Polaroids that were taken from test shots for PIG (and can be found on the cover of Premature Ejaculation’s Wound of Exit album). You can see the mask in the posthumous short film 1334, an eerie ghost story familiar to Rozz himself.

FullSizeRender_5 FullSizeRender_13 FullSizeRender_3_e167a4e6-debc-4019-b3e1-4fbfc301b36d

You can purchase these and other Rozz Williams Polaroids here.


Special thanks to Hyaena Gallery + Analogue Unreality Autopsy.