Nick Cave Smoking: A Photo Collection

With his furrowed brow, backcombed hair, and exquisitely tailored suits—Nick Cave is goth’s very own modern day dandy. His aesthetic has morphed over the years, from his charming early-to-mid 1980s dirty Berlin punk style to the chic sophistication he adopted during the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Kicking Against the Pricks album in 1986—a look he has kept some variation of since. But one accessory always remained throughout the years… his cigarette.

Nick Cave and his ubiquitous lit cigarette, held precariously in his mouth or in a hand often lined with chunky rings, made my job almost too easy for this photo set. Behold, the effortless elegance of the dandy-esque Nick Cave smoking.


Photo by Harry Papadopoulos, 1982.

A young Nick Cave lights his cigarette as a cloud of smoke passes through his wild mess of hair—oh, to be so lovely!


Photo by Chris Amauroux

I could get used to the dark green suit—the dandy hard at work.
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Stacks of books, locks of hair, handwritten words strewn around the room… Nick with a cigarette brings beauty to the chaos.


Photo by Kennet Havgaard, 1986.

 Even onstage you can’t find him without his favorite accessory. (But wait, is that a velvet smoking jacket?)


Elvis-inspired sunglasses, his tattoo and slicked back hair makes him look tough but tender.


Photo by Chris Amouroux

Nick and his pal Blixa Bargeld take a smoking break in the most fashionable way possible—in leather and an over sized belt buckle.
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Nick and Blixa—who is literally wearing a bowtie—are dressed sharp with cigarettes in tow, probably plotting world domination.


From 59 to 1 Magazine, 1985.

This is how I often feel after a couple drinks in, as well.

Photo by Edward Colver

Photo by Edward Colver

A débonnaire and fresh faced Cave nay without a cigarette in hand.
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Alright, we get it. Now you’re just showing off.


It would be a sin not to include Cave relaxing while reading a book and having a cig—oh yeah, and let’s not forget the black-rimmed glasses.


And with one more for the road, this picture proves that Nick Cave doesn’t really need clothes to look smoking while smoking (sorry, I had to do it).


Really, Nick, it’s all yours!

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– Andi Harriman 

About The Author

Andi Harriman

Andi Harriman is the author of Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: The Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s. She resides in Brooklyn, New York where she writes, DJs and lectures on all things dark and gloomy.

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