The Photography of Lux Interior: Camera Man of The Cramps

Lux Interior, camera man of The Cramps. Photo by Chris Amouroux.

Lux Interior, camera man of The Cramps. Photo by Chris Amouroux.

It’s of no surprise that Lux Interior of The Cramps directed his artistic abilities towards other areas besides music, mostly in the form of photography. Poison Ivy and Lux met in “art school” in the early 1970s and fell into a chaotic and beautiful romance that lasted up until Lux’s death in 2009. His photography almost always included Ivy – his eternal muse – as the subject of his work, with his provocative and fetishistic photographs of her used as Cramps album covers throughout the years.

Perhaps even most interestingly was his interest in 3-D cameras and this insert from Asymptote Magazine from 1992 featuring “Crosseyed Photos by Lux Interior”:


Asymptote Magazine from Memphis, 1992.


“Hi, this is Lux speaking. Disregard what your mother told you about crossing your eyes. It’s actually good exercise for them and they’ll hardly ever get stuck permanently. Trust me.” Including, of course, a close up of Ivy’s eye:



“THE MIRACLE OF THE UNCORRUPTED ARM OF ST. VINCENT: Valencia Spain. Wacky Catholics have saved this 800 year old arm of the Saint. I’m not sure what they mean by ‘uncorrupted’ because this arm turned black and has moss crowing on it. I guess that’s the way he looked.”






Aside from his 3-D photography, Lux’s iconic album covers defined the aesthetic of The Cramps: over-sexualized and hysteria-infused punk rock.

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, 1989

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, 1989


Flamejob, 1994

Flamejob, 1994


"Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" outtake, 1985

Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? outtake, 1985


"A Date With Elvis" outtake, 1985

A Date With Elvis outtake, 1985

In addition to Lux’s album covers, Ivy was the subject of his racy photography in TEASE! Magazine from 1995, the Dangerous Women Issue:


TEASE! Mag (Dangerous Women issue, centerfold) 1995

TEASE! Magazine (Dangerous Women issue, centerfold), Issue #5, 1995


Poison Ivy with her Gretsch 1991, published in TEASE! Magazine 1995

Poison Ivy with her Gretsch 1991, published in TEASE! Magazine, 1995


"Tease Magazine" 1995

TEASE! Magazine, Issue #5, 1995


And just in case you needed a bit more Cramps in your life…


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