Spiritual Cramp: A Rozz Williams Story

Lethal Amounts would like to invite you to be a part of telling the story of legendary Christian Death frontman Rozz Williams. We have launched a Pledge campaign in order to fund the documentary Spiritual Cramp. The film examines the journey of Rozz Williams, a brilliant young artist who came of age during the California punk explosion of the late 70s. Christian Death were defiant. Their live shows blurred the lines between art and shock and they went on to influence an entire generation of musicians and artists.

We have partnered with Pledge Music to raise funds to further the production of the documentary. We are looking to you, our community to help us tell Rozz’s story. In addition to being a part of telling this story we have some incredible items up for grabs through Pledge Music including rare, limited edition merchandise, art pieces and collectors items. To see the full list of items click HERE.

We are looking forward to having you be a part of the making of Spiritual Cramp.

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