M Shawn Crahan | His Whores

M Shawn Crahan, aka ‘Clown’, of SLIPKNOT will share "HIS WHORES", a solo exhibition of new works, on Thursday, November...

Miss Meatface pop up and book reading

Miss Meatface hosted the society bash of the year celebrating the release of her much anticipated new limited edition book...

Summertramp / Sex Cells

Thank you all for joining our takeover of Summertramp. photos by @levan_tk

Sex Cells 7.26.17 part II

photos by @J_moncrief 

Sex Cells – 7.26.17 BLOK // Jeremy Dawson

Another magickal Sex Cells... Photos by @levan_TK

Discipline: The Art Of Psychic TV, 2003 – 2016‎ exhibit

In 2003, New York artist and musician Edley ODowd gently persuaded friend Genesis Breyer P-Orridge to rekindle h/er desire to...