Sex Cells is the vision of Lethal Amounts owner and creative head Danny Fuentes. Sex Cells was started as a platform to showcase upcoming artists, and has developed a reputation for unexpected lineups, bringing together talent who normally would never share the same stage and providing a safe space to let your freak flag fly. The club has re-energized the nightlife scene in Los Angeles with the imaginative curation and the colorful cast of characters, who attend each month. This past year has seen Sex Cells host a wide variety of incredible artists and creative guests such as Sky Ferreira, Cold Cave, Nick Zinner (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Brooke Candy, Miss Kittin, Amanda LePore, Traci Lords, Prayers and even the original party monster, Michael Alig.

Posted by admin | 15 02 2018
Sex Cells: Massive Divine Ball
Posted by admin | 10 01 2018
SEX CELLS: 1 Year Anniversary Party



“Every now and then a nightclub comes along where the most imaginative night creatures can be themselves to the core and walk the wild side of human existence. So what if it takes you two weeks to get your inner look on the outside, you now have a place to glow! I didn’t get to go to Studio 54 in New York, but I did get to go to Blitz Club in London, Club Makeup in LA, and Motherfucker in New York. I can tell you Danny Fuentes has put LA back on the Map with SEX CELLS. It’s where all the Street Walking Cheetahs need to be !”
– NICK LANUAY (Producer : Nick Cave Bad Seeds, Lou Reed, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Birthday Party, Gang of Four etc.)

“It’s my kind of playground… one for us fabulous freaks” ~TRACI LORDS

”Sex Cells is the perfect outlet for creative people looking for more than just another club night. It’s a place where anything can happen and it encourages people to go outside the lines. I couldn’t of asked for a better line up to be a part of.” – AMANDA LEPORE

“Sex Cells is total freedom. A post-everything universe of its own… what you spent your whole youth imagining what the night could be.” – – WES EISOLD OF COLD CAVE

“the world is losing its religion but LA has a new punk pope in Fuentes and Sex Cells is our church. Sex cells ….best party this side of the fuckin apocalypse.” – DJ KEOKI