Summertramp / Sex Cells

Thank you all for joining our takeover of Summertramp. photos by @levan_tk

Sex Cells 7.26.17 part II

photos by @J_moncrief 

Sex Cells – 7.26.17 BLOK // Jeremy Dawson

Another magickal Sex Cells... Photos by @levan_TK

Discipline: The Art Of Psychic TV, 2003 – 2016‎ exhibit

In 2003, New York artist and musician Edley ODowd gently persuaded friend Genesis Breyer P-Orridge to rekindle h/er desire to...

Sex Cells – Be Your Fantasy 📸 Jessica Moncrief

Another amazing night at Sex Cells with Special Guest Silent Servant (Official) Rev. John (Das Bunker) Remy Marc (Restless Nites/ VSSL)...

New Mixx** Live @ Sex Cells by Matthew Pernicano 5/28/17

Resident DJ Mathew Pernicano making everyone sweat at SEX CELLS for our Memorial Day Weekend party.